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The lubrication control module (CLS) was designed and made to control oil lubrication circuits, according to timed or programmed operating cycles on the basis of machine strikes.

The lubrication control module (CLS) is used to supply the lubrication system without end of line limit switches or pressure switches. It can be adapted to different requirements and can be used in lubrication systems controlled by solenoid valves or motor. In such cases, the device provides a contact that operates the relay.

The module was made using very reliable electronic controls. Prompt response of the device and optimal operation of the system is ensured by an oscillator. The device can be removed to allow easy maintenance and rapid replacement even by unqualified personnel.

The pause cycle can be programmed by means of the potentiometer fitted on the front, which can be locked after setting the optimal intervention time.

The pause time can be calibrated from 0 to a maximum of 60 minutes; it is possible, however, to reduce the maximum time to 30 minutes. The lubrication pump is operated every time the motor is started so that the machine is lubricated for all working operations.

Controls and signals

(on the front of the device)

The pause time shown by a flashing warning light will start after the first lubrication. This period will be cyclically repeated after each lubrication operation.

After the pause, the warning light signalling lubrication on will light up for a fixed time of 20 seconds.

A warning light will come on when the lubricant reaches the minimum level in the reservoir, indicating that refilling is required.

The button is used for manual lubrication whenever the operator requires.

Device input signals
Input, 24V. DC/AC

Technical specifications

Frequency: 50Hz.-60Hz.

Charge voltage (regardless of mains): 24 .250V.

Maximum charge current: 2A AC.

Consumption: 3VA.

Maximum pause time per cycle: 60 minutes or 30 minutes.

Fixed working time: 20 seconds.

Front dimensions 72×72 mm.

Fastening hole: 66×66 mm.

Fastening hole depth: 130 mm.

Weight: 250 g.

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