Paolo Colombo standard product Crc49


CRC 49


Compliant with current regulations


The CRC.49 is a module for controlling a chain fitted between camshaft and camshaft on a secondary shaft controlling machine stop limit switches at top dead centre (complying with ZH 1/457 article 3.A. 1). The CRC.49 module is made to work in the range from a minimum of 500 pulses to a maximum of 6000 pulses per minute. The module can be adapted according to the required application to obtain a lower number. The number of pulses is obtained by multiplying the number of teeth on the wheel according to press strokes per minute.


The CRC.49 module must be regularly inspected at least once a year by an expert. The inspection must be carried out on all components.


The CRC.49 module complies with the safety standards mentioned above. We guarantee compliance with the version inspected by the organisation in charge of issuing CE marking if the module has not been tampered with (i.e. modified).


The camshaft mechanism toothed wheel creates pulses for the CRC.49 by means of a proximity switch. When the stroke stops, the device stops receiving pulses. This consequently energises the output relay (initial condition). The output relay will be de-energised when the stroke and, consequently, the switching mechanism, start again. The contacts powering the valves between automatic stroke shift to top dead centre area can only be powered when the relay is in this position.

Technical specifications

Power supply: 24 -115V 50 Hz – 15% +10%.

Intake power: approximately 10 VA.

Rail fitting: DIN 35 mm.

Degree of protection: IP 20.

Assembly position: indifferent.

Safety outputs: 4 override contacts 2NC + 2NO 8A 250V.

Relay mechanical life span: 5 x 106 operating cycles.

Working temperature range: – 10°+ 55°C.

Knock tightness voltage lll 3, 5KV.

Stiff wire: Max.2 x 2.5 mm2.

Standard wire: Max. 2 x 1.5 mm2 (minimum cross-section area 0.5 mm ).

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