Paolo Colombo standard product Ctd8




Compliant with current regulations

The control unit can manage from 1 to 8 three-wire PT100 thermal resistance inputs. The temperature is shown on the right of the display and the selected channel (from 1 to 8) is shown on the left of the display for the selected time. The temperature shown is in the range -99°C to +810°C

Out of scale messages are “AAA” (thermal resistance open) and “CCC” (thermal resistance short circuit).

The control unit continuously shows the temperature of each channel with the respective alarm threshold (minimum and maximum programmable values).
Eight channels are read in two seconds.

When an alarm is trigged on one channel, the automatic scan function (when enabled) locks the faulty channel. The respective LED comes on and the thermal board contact trips (opens or closes according to the position of the link on the board).

Press “S” to display AX in the left-hand part of the display, where X is the selected channel number. The alarm threshold value will appear in the right-hand part of the display. This value can be changed by means of “UP” and “DOWN” buttons only if the terminal board link is in ON position.

Press “DOWN” to display the next channel. The required number of channels can be enabled in programming mode. This will speed up channel scanning. For example, if six channels are programmed, the scan function will go from RTD1 to RTD6, skipping the last two channels

Zero can be fine-tuned to set an alarm filter on each channel preventing false alarms.


Input: Three-wire PT100 thermal resistance.

Range: -99 – +810 °C.

Precision: ± 0.3%.

Number of channels: 8 (programmable).

Single channel reading: no. of channels x 250 ms.

Digital filter: from 0 to 100 readings (filter x no. Of channels x 250 ms).

Automatic scanning time: 1-999 sec (programmable).

Thresholds: 0 – 800 °c (programmable for each channel).

Relay: spdt 2 a / 250 v max..

Display: red led 0,56″.

Power: 220 v / 110 vac 50-60 hz.

Consumption: 3 va

Working temperature range: 0-50 °c.

Storage temperature range: -20 – +70 °c.

Container: self-extinguishing abs resin.

Front: polycarbonate printed film.

Dimensions: 72 x 144 x 170 (din 43700 standards).

Protection: ip 54.

Terminals: extractable screw terminals.

Panel assembly: with two screw brackets.

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